Stormwater Design

Micro-scale practices, such as this rain garden can be effective practices in both new developments and as retrofits.

Stormwater Consulting, Inc. (SCI) is a leader in progressive and practical stormwater management design. We have established a national reputation for:

  • Applying Low Impact Development stormwater practices in production design environments
  • Analysis and design of challenging repairs to existing stormwater infrastructure
  • Inspection and maintenance of all types of stormwater treatment facilities
  • Design of major repairs and retrofits for existing stormwater facilities and drainage infrastructure.
  • Assessment and design of water quality retrofits for MS-4 communities and industrial NPDES permit holders.

Our team of engineers routinely work on projects that are unusual for other engineering firms.  We have been producing designs that integrate stormwater throughout the site for many years.  Our experience with difficult retrofit or repair projects has saved our clients tens of thousands of dollars with a practical, value engineered culture that goes beyond traditional engineering.  Our inspectors understand the functional aspects of stormwater infrastructure and obtain design-informing results even with challenging field conditions.

We are experts at designing challenging water quality retrofits.

With full site engineering capabilities, we also provide flexible site design services on select projects with a focus on meeting the challenges of specifying a wide variety of stormwater management practices integrated throughout a site.