Natural Resources


Wetland Mitigation Site Designed and Constructed by SMC in Southeastern Pennsylvania

Stormwater connects manmade infrastructure to the natural environment.  The natural environment is the barometer that reveals the impact of mankind on our surrounding environment, whether it is positive or negative.  Accordingly, it is certainly logical that our fascination with stormwater also extends to study of and design of natural resources and plants. Our specialization in this area focuses on both the analysis of existing resources and efforts to duplicate those resources in the built environment.

Our environmental scientists have delineated and assessed wetland and forested resources for over 25 years.  They have engaged in permitting activities for impacts to natural resources on a wide range of project types.  Likewise, we have designed, permitted, constructed, and monitored mitigation for wetland and forest impacts.

Combining this knowledge of natural processes with exposure to stormwater facility issues establishes a balanced understanding of the unique issues related to the intersection of plant material and stormwater.  Armed with this perspective, our landscape professionals, including landscape architects and degreed landscape contractors, apply their knowledge to the challenges of specifying and installing plant material for specialized stormwater facilities such as bioretention.

Importantly, our staff’s intimate understanding of and daily interactions with operations and maintenance issues further refines our approach to developing planting schemes that can ultimately reduce the perpetual costs of maintenance.

This understanding of the interaction of natural systems, stormwater, and maintenance issues results in uniquely cost effective solutions.

Wetland Mitigation Monitoring

Wetland Mitigation Monitoring and Remedial Design Performed by SMC

Natural resources services include:

  • Existing Wetland Resources
    • Non-tidal wetland delineation
    • GPS survey and mapping
    • Wetland management plans
    • Invasives species identification
  • Wetland Permitting
    • Jurisdictional Determinations
    • Wetland impact permit applications
    • Permitting advocate and support
    • Endangered species surveys
  • Created Wetland Resources
    • Mitigation design
    • Mitigation monitoring
    • Mitigation design/build
    • Mitigation adaptive management
  • Existing Upland Resources
    • Forest Stand Delineation
    • Resource assessment
    • Invasives species eradication
    • Supplemental planting plans
  • Created Upland Resources
    • Forest Conservation Plans
    • Forensic survivability analysis
    • Landscape plans
    • Bioretention planting plans
    • Shallow marsh planting plans
    • Buffer planting plans
    • Operations & Maintenance Plans
    • Landscape Architecture services
  • Plant Material Installation

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