void Pond & Lake Management

Pond Management

We ensure your ponds are healthy and aesthetic pleasing.

Ponds and lakes are commonly used to treat stormwater runoff for sediment and nutrient pollution.  However, wet ponds and wetlands are unlike many other stormwater systems, as they are also living functioning ecosystems.  We work to understand how each individual ecosystem is functioning and then develop an adaptive Comprehensive Management Plan to enhance the aesthetic appeal, minimize long-term costs, and maximize the ecological and aesthetic value.

The key to maintaining an aquatic environment is to understand each variable that affects both the waterbody and the contributing watershed.  Our specialization with hydrology and hydraulics uniquely informs our awareness of what watershed-level variables can impact the ecological health of ponds and wetlands.  Once we have evaluated each systematic aspect, we develop a Comprehensive Management Plan that provides short and long term goals for effective aquatic maintenance.

The first step in maintaining an aquatic environment is to understanding each variable that affects both the watershed and waterbody.  Once we have evaluated each aspect of that system, we are able to develop a comprehensive management plan that provides short and long term goals for effective maintenance.  We can then execute that management plan using adaptive management techniques as the ecosystem adjusts to achieve a natural balance.

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Healthy ponds provide stormwater management and can be the centerpiece of a site.

We then execute the plan using adaptive management techniques as the ecosystem adjusts to our actions.  Our environmental specialists focus on how to read these adjustments and adapt the plan over time with the ultimate goal of facilitating a natural ecological balance.

Throughout this process, we apply the latest techniques that increase the functionality, aesthetics, and environmental roles of a stormwater pond, wetland, or lake.

In the end, our approach reduces the need to intervene in the natural systems and allows us to reduce costs for our clients.

Pond & lake management services:

  • Water Quality Enhancement
    • Algae and aquatic weed herbicide application
    • Develop long term treatment and management plans to control algae and invasive aquatic vegetation
    • Sediment and nutrient reduction to  sustain long term health and aesthetic appeal
    • Pollution and water quality inspections
  • Aerator Maintenance
    • Fountain and diffuser installation and maintenance
  • Riparian Buffer Management
    • Invasive species control
    • Native aquatic and upland buffer design and planting
    • Shoreline erosion control
    • Promote native, beneficial vegetation growth that provide many ecological and aesthetic benefits
  • Wildlife Management
    • Goose deterrent control methods
    • Natural mosquito control techniques
    • Report muskrat or other burrowing animal activity