Brad Klinedinst

Employed with SMC since 2010, Brad has been an absolute asset to the SMC family. He joined the team with experience as a small landscaping business owner and a passion for the environment. It was quickly realized that with this experience, he was prepared for the responsibilities of project management. Upon hiring, Brad immediately filled the roll of Estimator and Project Manager. His hard work and dedication has led him to the role he now holds as Director of Operations.

The life of the Director of Operations keeps Brad on his toes in that no two days ever seem to be the same in this role. This makes for an interesting day-to-day schedule and requires him to remain flexible in making in-the-moment adjustments to ensure the day’s tasks get taken care of on schedule. A single phone call in the morning can send a ripple affect through the rest of the day and it requires a lot of patience and quick thinking.

Generally, Brad’s days begin at 5:30am catching up with, and discussing the day’s goals with SMC’s construction foremen and superintendents. From there, he usually checks in with his operations support staff, mechanic, and safety manager, to see what they have planned for the day and to answer any questions. 

Brad also interacts daily with our Accounting Department to review, approve,  and assign Accounts Payables to our project managers; and then   works with those project managers to review current project needs and delegates any necessary equipment and materials to them. Brad also assists the Estimating Department with the development and review of projects that SMC is actively bidding on. 

Outside the office, Brad runs circles on the beltway visiting various job sites and crews to assess and assist them with their projects, with a switchboard of phone calls in between stops. As Director of Operations, Brad has a hand in all of our current projects. Currently, his time is taken up with the Woodend Sanctuary Stream Restoration, Little Falls Stream Restoration, Peachwood Pond Retrofit, and Woodcrest Pond Retrofit projects. 

Throughout his time with SMC, Brad has learned a tremendous amount and worn a lot of hats along the way as he has grown and transitioned through the roles he has taken on. He has always had an interest in ponds and streams early on with landscaping, and the work he does now has opened a door for a larger extension of that. He has found satisfaction in that the work he oversees has tangible benefits for the environment around us and not just the aesthetics the landscape world provides. 

Brad has been inspired through the experiences he has had as he has transitioned with SMC and watched the company grow. Over the last couple years, his involvement with the  Associated Builders Contractors Association (ABC) – Baltimore Chapter has also inspired him as it has allowed him to interact with members of various skilled trades and has strengthened his professional development. He is also a Member of the Maryland Stream Restoration Association. 

Off the clock, Brad is an avid DIYer with at least one or two projects in the works at any given time. He likes to garden and cook in the kitchen. He and his wife also travel quite a bit in search of new places to visit and explore. Brad is a bookwarm – having read 26 books in 2020 alone – and brews his own beer and cider!

SMC is honored to have Brad’s talent on our team and is happy to recognize him in his efforts as his career has grown with the company.