Mr. Chioda supervising and directing crew members.

Employed with SMC since 2017, Superintendent Maurice Chioda has shown strong leadership in our construction family and is an asset to our company. Maurice was excited to join the SMC Team because the leadership and mutual respect between employees and management is exemplary. Since working with SMC, he enjoys the support he receives and in turn feels inspired to provide a rewarding experience for the team he supervises.

In the role of superintendent, Maurice ensures site safety while he oversees employee activities and facilitates the materials and equipment necessary to complete project site tasks. He monitors site inspections and maintains SMC’s compliance with erosion and sediment control measures; and makes meeting or exceeding property owners’ expectations an utmost top priority. Maurice orchestrates site activities both independent and congruent between sub-site teams, and takes genuine pride in every project he sees to completion. Maurice notes that he currently has the pleasure of overseeing SMC’s contract at the Woodend Sanctuary of the Audubon Naturalist Society in Chevy Chase, MD. This exciting project includes the construction of a step pool conveyance with 45 log and boulder weirs, three micro-bioretention cells, and a 1400-foot wheel chair accessible nature path. This project has a dynamic design that illustrates Maurice’s capabilities with a multitude of moving parts. He says that he is truly inspired by the enthusiasm and vision of both the project partners and the employees he oversees who take pride in their efforts executing the projects.

Maurice’s professional resume began in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, with a 27-year career in the printing industry – a vastly different business sector from the stormwater maintenance we are so familiar with. An avid fly fisherman in search of a new professional path and a desire to live closer to the Wild Trout Mecca of Central PA, Maurice moved with his wife Beth and four children to York in 1999 where he worked and fished hard for 10 years. He joined Trout Unlimited and became a leader within the local chapter almost immediately during a time when a significant amount of stream restoration was happening. His work schedule lent itself to him becoming a liaison for the Chapter with the stream restoration company executing the work. He observed and reviewed plans and soaked up any knowledge he could get his hands on in this fascinating industry. His love for fly fishing drew him to moving water, and carved a passion for fish and aquatic insects. During the economic downturn of 2009, Maurice was in search of work and was given an opportunity to chase permits, design and bids, and assist with surveys and stream assessments. This led to field work where he was exposed to heavy equipment operations and building project features. For 10 years, Maurice ran job sites, executed builds, and oversaw the labor on small stream projects and pond muck outs. Maurice loved this work and was inspired to move into the next stage of his career. This experience brought him to SMC and we are lucky to have him with us. Today, he is on the Board of Directors of the local chapter of Trout Unlimited where he has served as the Chapter President and Vice President for 12 years.

In addition to fly fishing, Maurice also does fly tying and teaches the sport to eager students willing to learn. He also moderates the content on a regional fly fishing website. Maurice’s love for outdoors doesn’t end there, as he also enjoys hiking, camping, baseball, and other outdoor activities, and has a passion for photography.

We love Maurice’s story and are inspired by his passion for the outdoors and drive to engulf himself into the environment both professionally and for his own personal enjoyment. With this said, we are very happy to recognize him in his efforts as a member of the SMC Team.

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