Project Details

Project Description

SMC while under contract with the U.S. Army Adelphi Laboratories Garrison Contracting Office provided sand filter restoration to two underground sand filters.

Both underground sand filters are located within the secure are of the Army Installation and were in need of significant effort.  SMC mobilized a vacuum truck crew, roll-off dumpster truck, and skilled laborers to remove all existing material from the filters and place new gravel and sand back into the filter.

SMC spent approximately two weeks onsite moving the existing material from the underground vaults using vacuum trucks to roll-off dumpsters for disposal.  After the materials were removed, the vaults were pressure washed. After cleaning, new sand filter materials were placed back in the vaults, as specified on the original construction plans.  

SMC safely completed tasks using OSHA certified confined space entry teams, appropriate safety equipment, and effective oversight by the Underground Maintenance Supervisor.