Project Details

Project Description

SMC provided construction services for City of College Park, MD to install stormwater BMPs to retrofit existing stormwater drainage infrastructure and improve stormwater treatment.  On Narragansett Ave, SMC created curb cuts into the existing street infrastructure and created two bioretention facilities. On Rhode Island Ave, SMC installed a bioswale to treat formally untreated road runoff and also installed a Regenerative Stormwater Conveyance (RSC) to treat stormwater entering a swale from upstream urban areas.  This work was implemented through a partnership between the Low Impact Development Center (LIDC) and the City of College Park.

The two bioretention facilities on Narragansett Ave. were created in the roadway right of way to treat stormwater from the road surface.  The construction required the installation of curb cuts, installation of inlet structures (concrete and Nyloplast), the installation of underdrains to ensure proper drainage, and the installation of stone and bioretention mix.  The bioswale and RSC was installed in the median of a Rhode Island to treat runoff from a highly urbanized neighborhood. The RSC was installed in a previous riprap channel location that provided no retention or filtering capacity.  The RSC required the excavation and placement of imbricated rip rap to create grade control and the pools were filled with sand/woodchip mixture. Both sites required erosion control matting and the installation of native plants.