Project Details

Project Description

With grant funding from the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) Chesapeake & Atlantic Coastal Bays Trust Fund, the Low Impact Development Center (LIDC) awarded a contract for Value Engineering and Construction to SMC.  The project involved retrofitting a parking lot to treat stormwater runoff at Northrop Grumman’s property near the Baltimore Washington International Airport.

SMC worked with the project engineer, Geosyntec, Inc., to provide value engineering and cost analysis to ensure the project would be within the established construction budget. SMC also worked with the engineer to streamline the permitting process with Anne Arundel County.

The final permitted design included the following practices, all constructed on an existing parking lot:

  • Four areas of permeable pavement
  • One de-paved and landscaped area
  • One bio-swale

Management tasks performed by SMC’s personnel included overall project management, coordination with the Maryland Aviation Administration and adhering to defense contractor security.  The construction work included erosion and sediment control installation, saw cutting pavement, working with extensive existing utilities, excavation and disposal of pavement, base, and soil, pipeline and structure installation, aggregate and biosoil installation, and landscaping.

SMC’s professional services staff provided survey verification and construction stakeout, construction inspection, flow testing of the porous asphalt, and complete as-built certification.

The final project treated 6.33 acres of impervious area with an average cost of approximately $140,000 per acre.