John Beichler leads SMC’s Surveying Division.

In 2003, John Beichler began his career in surveying work and realized over time that surveying had become more of a passion than a career for him. John obtained his Professional Land Surveyor license in 2015 and was looking to grow professionally. In 2017, John seized an attractive opportunity working with SMC as Lead Surveyor where he would use his skillset now coupled with having his license all in an effort to help the the environment – specifically our bay’s watersheds – and quickly realized this was something he enjoyed being a part of. Over the last four years, John has proven to be a very strong lead for our Surveying Division – and describes himself as having a passion for everything related to land surveying. He says that working at SMC is a personal accomplishment that he takes pride in. He has found a niche in his profession where he can perform each project from start to finish and share his enthusiasm for surveying with his colleagues.

John’s day typically has a 40/60% split between working in the office versus being in the field. While behind a desk, John spends his time estimating jobs, writing proposals, computing construction layouts, researching boundary survey deeds, processing topographic field data, etc. More often than not though, John can be found on-site performing survey work for various projects. Any day could hold a variety of tasks including construction stake-outs and topographic and boundary surveys. With a diverse portfolio of work, John is currently working on the Eccleston Mitigation Bank project, City of Rockville Stormwater Management Facility Improvements project, and Woodend Sanctuary Stream Restoration project – projects that involve in-house construction layouts and in some cases, as-built surveys. John is also performing base topographic and boundary surveys for Engineer and Landscape Architect clients to use in their designs.  And, he also juggles residential boundary surveys for clients looking to buy/sell or construct fences or buildings. He has extensive experience with elevation certificate surveys required to minimize flood insurance rates for residential and commercial properties. This summer, John also recorded his first SHA-approved record plat in the Town of Bel Air – this is a notable accomplishment he is very proud of.

John lives with his wife Stefanie and three daughters (Samantha, Bailey, and Piper) in Bel Air, Maryland, where he stays busy with home improvements and coaching his daughters’ soccer and softball teams. John credits his wife as his top motivator as she has always pushed him to strive for 110% in his professional endeavors.  Another key person that has inspired John is Sam Hutchins – a good friend of his that he worked with in previous employment. The two of them were also in survey classes together, took their Professional Land Surveying exam side by side, and have always motivated each other along the way. 

A large majority of SMC’s employees have interwoven their work with a passion for helping the environment. We are happy to highlight people like John who wear the SMC name feeling pride and a responsibility to take care of our watersheds while fulfilling their careers every day.