SMC-Stormwater Inspections-Written Form
  • Inspections are the only way to verify maintenance is being appropriately implemented to ensure compliance with municipal and MS4 requirements.
  • Our CCTV professionals and specialized equipment inspect pipe systems to map systems and find maintenance or failure issues.
  • All of our inspectors are confined space certified and have OSHA compliance equipment. We go underground every day.
  • Our professionals inspect thousands of stormwater facilities every year.


Over the past 15 years, the SMC team has established a significant  post-construction stormwater inspection practice. Our inspection teams are responsible for the ongoing inspection of thousands of facilities throughout the Mid-Atlantic.  We work for the leading MS4 jurisdictions in a wide variety of inspection roles to facilitate their ongoing compliance and to address the challenges of MS4 restoration requirements.  The leading commercial property owners and managers look to us to inspect and advise them on forward-thinking infrastructure management.  

Using professional judgement to avoid the “too much information” pattern, SMC has developed extremely efficient inspection methodologies that are individualized for specific clients.  Our work focuses on delivering information that is clear, concise, and understandable for the end-user.  We know that in many cases, less is definitely more.

Firm believers in an open-source approach, we have been honored to train others and continue to lead trends in inspection techniques with a singular goal of increasing the value of the results for our clients.  To this end, we utilize 100% digital field data and have developed smart phone apps that maximize efficiency and have been used by hundreds of other practitioners.

What we do:

  • Inspection of Stormwater Facilities
    • Regulatory – Assisting municipalities with MS4 and State compliance with Triennial inspections
    • Private facilities – Protecting the interests of landowners and property managers with owner representation
    • Due diligence – Facilitating informed property transactions
    • Confined space entry – Multiple highly experienced fully equipped OSHA compliant inspection teams
    • Stormwater Facility Inspections are now being performed by Stormwater Management, LLC.  Please inquire directly to for service requests or more information.
  • Specialized Inspection
    • CCTV – of storm drains & sewers
    • High hazard dams – Engineer in Charge of numerous high hazard dams to meet regulatory compliance
    • Conditional assessments – On-site inspections by engineers to determine condition and remedial measures
    • Drainage issue inspections – Inspection, analysis, and remediation design of flooding problems
    • Stream and wetland systems for stability and geomorphic analysis
    • MS4 & TMDL stream monitoring
    • Illicit Discharge Detection & Elimination – Identification, reporting, investigation, and source location of non-stormwater discharges
  • MS4 Restoration Assessments
    • Field identification of restoration and retrofit sites
    • Feasibility assessment of restoration opportunities

Click here if you would like to request SMC’s services, or to speak with someone to find out more detailed information on the services we provide.

What We Inspect

  • Detention (dry) ponds
  • Retention (wet) ponds
  • Underground stormwater structures
  • Bioretention and rain gardens
  • Low impact development practices
  • Environmental site design practices
  • Lakes
  • High hazard dams
  • Stormdrain systems
  • Inlets, catch basins, manholes, culverts
  • Streams & wetlands
  • NPDES erosion & sediment control practices