As-Built Services

SMC’s survey resources includes a licensed Professional Land Surveyor and support professionals with nearly 30 years of focused experience.  Our equipment is state-of-the-art, including GPS, RTK, robotic total stations and drones, and our industry-standard software includes AutoCAD, Carlson Survey, ArcGIS, and Civil 3D.


SMC’s engineering resources include standard computation software include TR-20, HY-8, HEC-RAS, and HyrdroCAD. SMC employs a number of Professional Engineers that have decades of stormwater design experience.


In business since 2002, the roots of SMC are in the fast-paced land development engineering community.  This background, combined with a passion for excellence and environmental sustainability has attracted committed professionals highly qualified in their individual disciplines.  


With an internal culture of being a prime consultant, our clients find that we excel as a subconsultant DBE firm with impeccable service geared toward ultimate customer satisfaction.  This culture, coupled with a deep understanding of both design and construction, sets us apart as a go-to DBE/WBE firm for survey services.

  • Inspections

    Material Verification
    Photo Documentation
    Elevation Verification

  • Survey

    Topographic as-built survey
    Aerial photography
    Digital Drone Imagery
    Drone Photogrammetry

  • Engineering Certification

    As-built computations
    As-built plan production
    Engineer’s Certification
    Submission to regulators
    As-built Approval

  • Drone Services

    Pre- & Post condition documentation
    Aerial Photography and Video
    Digital imagery

  • Full engineering and construction support
  • DBE/WBE Certified MDOT, VA, DC, WSSC, Baltimore City, City of Philadelphia, WBENC