SMC’s Engineering Department has evolved into a team of decorated professionals led by amazing management that includes Tyler Gardner, PE. Tyler has been with SMC for more than 8 years and has rightfully earned his newly acquired role as Associate – a well deserved title representative of the value he brings to SMC. Tyler has proven time and time again that he is a true leader – shifting roles and obtaining his PE license in three states while he’s been part of the SMC family.  For this, we are proud to highlight Tyler in our Employee Spotlight this season.

Tyler learned of SMC during his senior year while attending Penn State University, earning his BS in Biological and Natural Resources Engineering. A position became available for a young, aspiring engineer – he saw an opportunity to work with a company driven to restore the Mid-Atlantic watersheds and took it. Tyler joined our team upon graduation and has remained ever since. He says that he is “constantly challenged by the diversity of the projects [SMC] tackles, and is inspired by applying creative approaches to practical solutions while solving real world stormwater problems.” As a Lead Engineer, Tyler says a typical day consists of daily stormwater engineering work all the while serving as a soundboard for a multitude of questions as he mentors and collaborates with fellow coworkers and engineers. This team’s cohesion gives them the tools required to complete projects with the utmost precision. He explains that the best solutions are arrived at by sharing ideas amongst the group.

Tyler reflects on his childhood growing up in Coalport, Pennsylvania, a small mountain town that offered many opportunities for outdoor activities to be the sole source of entertainment. This setting really laid down the groundwork for Tyler to grow accustomed to, and value the environment. He loves hiking and kayaking, and says he “was inspired to seek out a career that would protect and preserve the environment, leaving a legacy for future generations to enjoy.” Tyler has strong ties to his family and says they have always been his biggest inspiration as he’s tackled every phase of life by “setting a good example and instilling values of hard work and dedication, and a mentality of always finding a solution.”

Tyler and his family on a fun festive outing.

The combination of his dedication to hard work and love for the outdoors has paved the way to the work he does now with SMC. He has also taken this passion on the road as he loves to travel and completed an environmental service project on rural farmland in Costa Rica. Most recently, he and his fiancee Beth also went on a trip to Iceland!

Tyler and Beth exploring a glacier while visiting Iceland.