• We maintain any type of underground stormwater facility including sand filters and proprietary systems
  • We provide hydro-excavation services to locate underground utilities non-destructively
  • We jet pipe systems to remove sediment, clogs, and debris
  • We have complete CCTV inspection capabilities to access pipe conditions, locate clogs, and find failures.

Underground Maintenance

Underground stormwater management facilities are designed on highly constrained sites to keep sediment, trash, oil and other pollutants out of the natural environment. Because they are effective, they do require periodic cleaning to continue functioning properly.

Because of the depth, weight, moisture content of the material and location within confined spaces, maintenance of these structures requires specialized equipment and highly trained personnel.  For over 10 years, SMC has acquired a fleet of equipment and highly skilled staff to clean any type of unit and properly dispose of the materials.

We also clean inlets and catch basins, jet and clean out pipelines, remove clogs, hydro-excavate to locate utilities, and perform post construction cleanings of drainage systems. All of our vac trucks are combination units that allow high pressure jetting of underground pipe systems.  This can be used to free clogs, prepare pipes for remediation such as re-lining, or before video pipeline inspections.  The hydro-excavation capabilities of our vac equipment allows fast, accurate and non-damaging excavation near, or the location of underground utilities. This is a very safe method of excavating utilities, as compared to traditional methods.

Our vac equipment allows for efficient removal and transport of wet or dry materials. Significant cost and time savings can be realized for sediment removal, final site cleanups, and unique material removal situations such as disaster recovery. We can handle any type of non-hazardous material and we ensure proper disposal.

Our experience and understanding the design and function of underground structures assures maintenance is performed in accordance with regulations at a reasonable cost.

What We Maintain

  • Detention vaults
  • Sand filters
  • Oil/grit separators
  • Stormfilters
  • Stormceptors
  • Vortex
  • Jellyfish
  • Stormtech
  • Culverts
  • Stormdrains
  • Inlet/catch basins