Managing property assets requires short- and long-term expenditures. As with any commercial activity, understanding and forecasting the cost of doing business is critical to sustainable success. When it comes to stormwater and drainage related assets, SMC can add reliability to your forecasts and consistency to your budgets.

Through various means, most municipalities have authority to force maintenance of stormwater infrastructure regardless of current budgeting or funding. Complying with notices from regulatory authorities can come as an operational and financial shock to those who have responsibility for stormwater and drainage infrastructure. A reserve study helps inform the condition of the infrastructure and reduces surprise expenses mandated by regulatory authorities.

Like any other property asset, stormwater infrastructure has a finite lifespan. Understanding the timeline of the repair or life cycle replacement of various components and establishing reasonable capital budgets is an important aspect of successful property management. We combine the expertise of engineers, surveyors, construction estimators, and accounting professionals to reliably provide practical, holistic guidance.

Our stormwater management reserve studies are long-term, capital budget planning tools that include a hands-on physical assessment, accurate maintenance and construction cost estimating. Armed with this information, we perform a reserve fund financial analysis and develop an equitable funding plan to ensure adequate funds are available when stormwater infrastructure repairs are needed.

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