The Langhirt Family

This quarter, we highlight a talented, driven young lady in our Accounting Department. Accountant, Brittany Langhirt’s SMC career began in 2016 when she was looking to grow in her career, shortly after starting her bachelor’s degree. She wanted to join a company that would make a positive impact in the world and landed on SMC. Brittany is proud to be an SMC employee as she knows our company’s work brings large benefits to the environment around us. Brittany took a brief break from SMC in 2019, but like others, returned to continue working with a company with such strong missions and goals for the Chesapeake Bay watershed. The work SMC does has transpired to Brittany’s personal life as conversations within her neighborhood have led to a community wide cleanup initiative each spring that Brittany is involved in where she and her neighbors come together to clean up the community trails. 

Brittany has lived in Maryland her entire life and currently resides in Harford County with her husband Ryan, their two dogs, and four cats. She enjoys spending time with her family and friends, going out to eat, and reading mystery and crime books; gardening and baking. Brittany also stays very busy with her academics as she is a couple weeks shy of completing her MBA. Brittany credits her high school teacher for sparking her interest in accounting as he was very passionate about the field and emphasized the importance of accounting in business. Brittany also participated in the Accounting Club which allowed her to gain additional knowledge outside of the classroom and helped her excel in her classes.

Brittany’s work day is packed with various accounting tasks including client invoices and payment follow up, vendor transaction entries, monthly financial updates, and job setup organization. She is beyond organized and is a wonderful reference for all things accounting. We value our Accounting Team as they keep things buttoned up and tackle the daily finances of our company in an ever changing environment.