SMC_Stormwater Maintenance_Surveys

SMC provides a wide variety of services to support our core mission of protecting and restoring watersheds.  One of those services – Land Surveying – sometimes extends beyond stormwater and streams to support our colleagues and project partners.  

Surveying streams and stormwater facilities can be challenging due to unusual conditions such as standing water, unstable wet ground (mud!), intense vegetation, etc.  Ponds and streams also demand a different level of technical knowledge and detail that includes important geomorphic features such as exact top and bottom of banks, steps, pools, riffles, top of dam, precise toe of slopes, etc.  With a long established specialization and background in this type of work, SMC’s Survey Team has mastered these demands and techniques. 

Over time, this specialization has established our surveying services with numerous repeat clients who recognize our quality of work and attention to detail.  We have built relationships with engineering clients who leverage our WBE/DBE certification for public clients on stormwater, stream, and other water resources projects.  Moreover, our survey client list has grown to include landscape companies and land development engineering firms that capitalize on our traditional land surveying capabilities including topographic and boundary surveys and construction stakeout.  Senior Environmental Scientist Justin Laughlin of Gannett Fleming recently sent our team this message, “After reviewing the survey files with our CAD staff, they are acceptable for our use. They told me that these were the best surfaces we have been provided, so thanks for the excellent work.”