Project Details

Project Description

SMC recently installed pedestrian bridges at two locations over local Maryland waterways and completed stream restoration on the stream segments around where the bridges were placed.

At the first site, SMC restored the existing stream channel utilizing riffle grade controls, bed stability mix, cross vanes, root wads, and soil lifts. SMC oversaw the installation of the bridge piers and abutments. Then, SMC also installed a 80-LF fiberglass pedestrian bridge and completed appropriate trail grading and site stabilization.

At the second site, SMC conducted demolition efforts to remove the existing asphalt path and 75-LF bridge. SMC restored the stream channel utilizing cross vanes, imbricated rock walls, rock sills, and riffle grade control structures. Bridge abutments were completed and the replacement 65 LF fiberglass bridge installed, and the existing trails were reconfigured and prepared for final grading and site stabilization.

Both projects included the management of in-stream aquatic species via fish shocking and relocation efforts, maintenance of pedestrian access and safety during construction activities, and preservation of tree resources while work was conducted in confined spaces.