Stream Restoration

SMC provides stream restoration services with the goal of restoring natural systems and functions.  Urban streams are continuously adjusting to alterations in watershed hydrology and sediment yield.  SMC believes the best way to restore hydrology and provide ecological uplift is a watershed approach to restoration, which includes both upland retrofits to existing infrastructure and stream restoration.  Our team of engineers has been performing hydrology and hydraulics analysis and designing streams using natural channel design methodology since the early 1990’s.

We also successfully apply the Regenerative Step Pool Conveyance (RSC) technique where appropriate to stabilize outfalls and headwater channels in the Coastal Plain and Piedmont hydrophysiographic Provinces.  Our projects have withstood the test of time in a wide variety of locations.

Restoring degraded stream systems can significantly reduce pollutant loads and is an important restoration technique for MS4 communities.  SMC is intimately familiar with the current regulations, requirements, and guidance associated with stream restoration.  For example, to document treatment of untreated impervious cover and obtain and renew credits toward local and State TMDLs, we quantify pollutant loads and reductions and perform verification monitoring as required in the expert panel guidance and MS4 permits.  We understand the local, State and Federal regulatory requirements and have positive relationships with the regulators to provide efficiency throughout the permit process.

SMC professionals have been trained by the top leaders in the industry including Peter Wilcock, David Rosgen, and Jim Gracie and have experience in all aspects of stream restoration primarily in the urban environment.  Our experience includes assessments, design, permit negotiations, construction supervision, and performance monitoring.  Our in-house construction capabilities and significant experience in stream restoration construction offers further value enhancement for our stream restoration clients.

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  • Our staff has been restoring streams natural systems and functions since the 1990s.
  • We approach stream restoration design with a keen understanding of the practicalities of executing construction.
  • We provide assessments, design, permit negotiations, construction supervision, and performance monitoring of stream systems.