• Design Phase Services
  • Construction Phase Services
  • Post-construction Phase Services
  • Drone Services
  • Full in-house support as needed


Our talented team of SMC Surveyors provide a wide range of land surveying and drone services throughout the State of Maryland. Recent satisfied clients include:

  • Commercial Landowners
  • Residential Homeowners
  • Engineering Firms
  • Consultants
  • Construction Companies
  • General Contractors
  • Fencing Contractors
  • Title Companies
  • Attorneys

As a certified DBE/WBE firm, we can help design and construction teams meet their DBE requirements.  With significant experience with engineering and construction operations, our survey professionals have an intimate understanding of the importance of timely response and accurate survey data.

SMC Surveys’ resources includes surveying professionals with nearly 30 years of focused experience, state-of-the-art equipment including robotic RTK, Total Stations and GPS, and industry-standard software including AutoCAD, Carlson Survey, ArcGIS, Civil 3D, and the latest drone hardware and software support.

Our FAA certified surveyors regularly document site conditions and construction progress with planned drone flights using video and photo documentation duplicated throughout the duration of projects.

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Construction Progress Flight

What We Survey

Design Phase Services

  • Topographic Surveys
  • Highly detailed stream corridor and stormwater facility topo
  • Bathymetric Surveys
  • Global Positioning Survey (GPS) to establish datum
  • Easement, Right-of-Way, and Record Plats
  • Property & Deed Descriptions

Construction Phase Services

  • Stream Restoration & Stormwater Stakeout
  •  Stakeout
  • Roadway, Utility, & Building Stakeout
  • In-process Verification Surveys

Post-construction Phase Services

  • As-built Surveys & Certification
  • ALTA/ACSM Surveys
  • House Location Surveys
  • Flood Elevation Certificates
  • Condominium Conversion Surveys

Drone Services

  • Aerial Mapping
  • Aerial Photography
  • Pre-programed Construction Process Videos
  • Pre-construction Documentation
  • Real Estate Brochure Support
  • Vertical Inspections