Angel Perez and Fiancee Lindsay

This season, we recognize Project Coordinator, Angel Perez in our Employee Spotlight – a man who has become a true asset to our Underground Maintenance division. In 2019, as a Senior at Millersville University, Angel noticed one of his classmates wearing a shirt that said ‘Stormwater Maintenance, LLC’ on it. His classmate told him about SMC and noted that there was a position available in the Underground Maintenance department. Angel applied and landed the job – graduated on May 11, 2019 with a Bachelor of Science in Geography/Environmental Studies – and started at SMC two days later. Angel has always been aware of the environmental issues we face in the world. He says the fact that his day-to-day job helps keep trash, oils, and debris off our rivers and streams means a lot to him; and that water is a resource that is often overlooked in our area because we have a lot of it, and it is our duty to protect it.

Angel is originally from Lajas, Puerto Rico, located a few miles north of the seaside destination of La Parguera in the beautiful southwestern region of the country where you can find beautiful views of the Caribbean Sea. In 2006, his parents moved their family to Lancaster, Pennsylvania for a better future – to whom he is forever grateful. Angel grew up in a very hard-working family and he says this has taught him from day one that you have to go out and earn what you want in life. Angel continues to live in Lancaster with his fiancee Lindsay, to whom he will be married next month. In his spare time, he enjoys spending time with his family and friends and says good food and good conversation go a long way. Angel has a love for cars and traveling, and combines these two passions by attending autocross events throughout the year. He has also recently traveled back to Puerto Rico and San Diego, and keeps the adventures going here at home with many local trips to camp, hike and enjoy the beach.

Angel Perez

Angel’s work day sits on a spectrum of a variety of scenarios, from having a meeting in a high rise to working in an underground BMP along with his team. He really enjoys how different his work days can be depending on the season, the scale of the job, or what is needed from him, day to day. With that said, Angel’s typical days consist of site visits; scheduling and coordinating with clients, counties, or subcontractors; coordinating with crews to ensure they have what they need to complete the job they are working on; submitting reports to clients; CCTV inspections; and department strategic planning. Angel says the various roles and responsibilities he’s had at SMC have taught him more than any schooling or training could have ever done. He admits he is young in his professional career, but says the skills and knowledge he has gained will last a lifetime. Angel works in our tight knit team of Underground Inspection and Maintenance crews and credits his supervisors Greg Harless and Jon Ridolfi for mentoring him throughout his time here at SMC. He says they are the best of the best at what they do, and their humility to teach him has helped him greatly. Angel is also inspired by his colleague Ethan Criswell. He says he and Ethan have always stood side by side in order to make their department better. He says Ethan’s tenacious work ethic and knowledge about underground BMPs has pushed him to work harder and learn as much as he can.

Angel’s drive and love for his environment can be seen through the work approach he has as a member of the SMC family, and we are very happy to have him on board.

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