Project Details

Project Description

SMC was contracted to construct a 57 LF gabion basket wall to stabilize the stream bank that supports an entry road in Hagerstown, MD. During the beginning stages of construction, a design change led to the use of imbricated rip rap in lieu of the gabion basket wall. SMC quickly adapted to the change to reduce delay so that the project could be completed without requiring a contract extension or in-stream waiver. Upon final design approval, SMC installed a 6-ft tall 57 LF imbricated rip rap wall as directed by the lead engineer.

Responsibilities included removal of 40LF, and installation of 60LF, of chain-link fencing. SMC installed a construction entrance and provided E&SC maintenance, including bypass pumping and a temporary diversion barrier. Our crews removed roadway asphalt from the affected area and excavated the site to install a new imbricated rip rap wall. Specifically, we hand selected each piece of imbricated rip rap and used equipment to construct the wall to the design elevation. Filter fabric was installed along with 60 tons of #57 stone for backfill and 20 tons of CR-6 to bring the roadway to the specified grade.

SMC crews installed 50 tons of bituminous concrete roadway, to include new base and surface course, and 40 tons of Class III Rip Rap at the toe of the imbricated rip rap wall.

The site has been restored to a pre-construction condition including seeding and mulching all disturbed areas. We have removed all E&SC devices and properly disposed of all debris off of the property.